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Danish designed street furniture in Singapore

Preventive maintenance

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Product Segments:

Designed Street Furniture
Robot & Automation solutions
Crane equipment
Repair obsolete electronics

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Weighing and Radio Technology


Service & Support
Service contracts
Service follow-up.
Claims handling.
designed street furnituredesigned street furnituredesigned street furnituredesigned street furniture
Designed street furniture
Benches, litter bins, shelters with an aesthetic look.

Robot & Automation solutions
Custom built machines and productions lines for internal movement of small and large items (electronic, medico etc.).

Crane equipment
Supply of products for heavy duty cranes e.g. steel wire ropes.

Supply of Dynamometer, Shear loadpins & load cell.

Repair obsolete electronics
Specialized in repair of obsolete electronic components.

A thorough risk assessment must always be made.

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crane equipment schackle load pin

dynamometer load cell shear load pin crane mechanical overload cut-off

Danish Representation in Asia Pacific of danish design and danish products.

Our vision is to build network & relationship in Denmark and Asia to blend Danish Knowhow, Danish design, Danish quality, Danish innovation, Danish experience, Danish products with Asian diversity, Asian drive, Asian persistence and thereby contribute to mutual understanding.

Representation in Asia Pacific

Sales & Purchase:

Sales Presentation.
Product Demonstration.
Contract Negotiation.
Import/Export Support.
Exhibitions & Fairs.
Monitor Tender Notices.
Market Research.
Business Development.
Business Planning.
Client Visits.
General Meetings.
Service contracts
Carrying out Training.
Service follow-up.
Claims handling.
Reporting and Follow-up.
Esmap Service Pte. Ltd. provide you with an ambassador and representation in Asia Pacific and Denmark to perform Executive Sales and Service Management for example if you not already have a local representation or when you need an urgent substitute in case of lack of own recourses.

Now you have an opportunity to be represented in Asia Pacific by using Executive Service Manager Asia Pacific. Whether you already are doing sales/purchasing with clients in the region or wish to search for new clients - then we offer opportunities for representation and presence.

Esmap Service Pte. Ltd. provide you with a close proximity to the action for good liaison and connection to clients in Asia Pacific.

We may be ideal if your current business activity is not big enough to justify a permanent representation because this services can be ordered ad hoc and urgent when needed or it can be as a part of regular scheduled visits to customers and clients in Asia Pacific region.
Also try to click on the "Events" menu to view a list of exhibition to be found in Asia Pacific region.

Esmap Services Managing Director
    Managing Director
    Esmap Services.

Preventive maintenance

Singapore, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand,Philippines, Vietnam Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand i.e. Asia Pacific.

Products & Services

After Sales & Support, Client Relationship,
Key Account , Product Sourcing,
Import/Export Support.

Field of expertise

Automation, Electronics, Material Handling, Logistics, Turnkey from component to Project level etc.
Background information’s:
We are based in Singapore and represent experience in Asia Pacific region since 1999 with customers and businesses within Material Handling, Automation and Logistics. The working experience range from collaboration with small private companies to big companies and government entities within light and heavy industry. Especially if you think the way of transportation and communication is a challenge then this service may be helpful because from Singapore is an easy fast access to the entire Asia Pacific region.

Preventive maintenance Preventive maintenance Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance Preventive maintenance Preventive maintenance
Do not hesitate to call or send email in order to get a quote for the services. Prices starts from "free of charge" for simple activity and thereafter a fee is added according to the activity level. The quote will will include variable expenses such as transportation and accommodation etc. so you easy and fast can make a budget.
In case of participation in Contract Negotiations, direct Sales or Purchase it is also possible to formalize an agreement on a case to case or timeframe basis in form of an agency or MOU agreement whichever that fit best for the particular situation.
If you think there is a need or it can be beneficial to have your company material for the tasks e.g. sales presentation, products samples, training or business cards then such material can be provided to a extend and quality that such material can be reasonable carried.

Product portfolio:

We are representing Danish companies in Asia and we are representing Asian companies in Denmark/Europe. This means we strive to build bridge between Asia and Europe. In the following a short description of the nature of products represented in the two direction ”Denmark to Asia” and ”Asia to Denmark”.
Denmark to Asia direction of flow.
Our product range is ever increasing and as for now we represent companies that manufacture specialized Robot & Automation systems, Crane equipment, Dynamometers, Designed Street Furniture and Repair of obsolete electronic components.


The robot & automation segment provied robot & automation solution which can be manufacturing of packing machines, general handling and transportation of medico products e.g. handling of tablets and labelling and packing of medication. A core competence is handling of fragile items such as window production and handling of fragile glass material. Another core competence is called ”Guide Online”. This is a software system combined with assembly line operator and equipment. Guide Online is a big help in manual assembly, especially when there is frequent change of operators or production line setup. Guide Online help the supervisor to train new staff and to keep track of the assembly process. Guide Online can interface with other IT systems within the plant.
We make innovative solutions and developing custom built machines, automated equipment and production lines on a high technical level.

Crane equipment & Dynamometers:

Crane equipment and steel wires. A key product is ”Deep Sea Combination Rope” which is special robust and strong to be used at deep sea for pulling of electrical or communications cables at sea. Dynamometer (load cell – inline load links) is mainly used for crane and lifting equipment. We have the facility to test Dynamometers which is recommended to do once a year.

Designed Street Furniture:

“Designed Street Furniture” are beautiful furniture to be used at common areas and by customers that value an aesthetic look. The main line consists of benches and litter bins, but also a range of shelters, bus shelter, bicycle shelters and plant support is manufactured.
Among the range of products are stainless steel bin for outdoor use and benches for outdoor and indoor use.

Repair of electronic components.

This is a special service for repair of obsolete electronic components.

Other products.

We are working on many other segments and fields of interest are Radar equipment and Library systems.
Asia to Denmark direction of flow.
We are currently helping three Asian companies on the Danish market. They manufacture electronic components in Asia.
There are some Danish companies who are looking for Asian products to be used in their systems such as Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs), X-Ray equipment and book dispenser.
In theory the nature of product can be a wide range of products, projects and systems and don’t hesitate to contact us when there is a need for a specific product or you got a special product.

Besides the ongoing activity mentioned above we are working on ideas for digital signage and solutions for preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance.

Representation of Asian produced components in Denmark.

Client Visits.
Service follow-up.
Esmap Service Pte. Ltd. service endavor to source for agents and distributors in Denmark who can represent asian produced components in Denmark.

Our aim is to contribute and provied easy access to green, sustainable, eco friendly products and systems.

Esmap Service Pte. Ltd. can provide you with connections with dansish companies.

Preventive maintenance

Sales & Support - Logistics & Automation.
Director - Executive Service Manager Asia Pacific.

Esmap Services Pte. Ltd.
47 Tannery Lane
Singapore 347794

Phone: +65 68844002
Email: LSK@esmapservices.com.sg
Web : www.esmapservices.com.sg

Repræsentation i Asien & Pacific (Dansk Tekst)

Salg & Indkøb:

Salgs Presentation.
Produkt Demonstration.
Kontrakt Forhandling.
Import / Eksport Support.
Messer & Udstillinger.
Tender Notice undersøgelse.
Markeds Undersøgelse.
Markeds Udvikling.
Markeds Planlægning.
Klient besøg.
Genereller møder.
Service kontrakter.
Udførelse af træning.
Service opfølgning.
Raportering og opfølgning.
Esmap Services kan tilbyde en ambasadør rolle og repræsentation i Asien til at udføre Salg og administrerer service, for eksempel, hvis dit firma ikke allerede har en lokal repræsentation eller hvis der er behov for et hurtig alternativ i tilfælde af resourse mangel. Nu er der mulighed for at blive repræsenteret i Asien & Pacific (Oceanien) ved at benytte Esmap - (Executive Service Manager Asia Pacific).

Hvad enten dit firma allerede sælger eller køber i regionen eller ønsker at udvikle markedet fra bunden - så tilbyder vi disse services for repræsentation og tilstedeværelse.

Disse services kan tilbyde en tæt nærhed til begivenhederne for god forbindelse til dine klienter i Asien. Esmap kan være ideel for dig, hvis din nuværende aktivitet i Asien ikke er stor nok til at retfærdiggøre en permanent repræsentation i Asien, fordi disse services kan ordres med kort varsel efter behov. Eller de kan ordres som en del af regulære aktiviteter i området.

Click eventuel på "Events" fanebladet ovenfor for at se en liste af messer og udstillinger i Asien.
Kort sagt Esmap Services tilbyder repræsentation i Asien & Pacific (Oceanien).

Administrende Direktør
Område Salgs Manager
Service chef
Preventive maintenance

Singapore, Syd Korea, Japan, Kina, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Filippinerne, Vietnam Malaysia, Indonesien, Australien, New Zealand d.v.s. Asien & Pacific.

Produkter & Services

Eftersalg & Support, Kunde pleje, Key Account,
Produkt søgning, Import/Export Support m.m.

Erfarings områder

Automatisering, Elektronik, Matriale Håndtering, Logistik, Nøgle færdig fra komponent til projekt niveau o.s.v.

Repræsentation af Asiatiske producerede komponenter i Denmark.

Support: Klient besøg.
Service opfølgning.
Esmap Service Pte. Ltd. tilstræber at finde agenter og distributøre i Danmark som kan repræsentere aiatisk producerede komponenter i Danmark.

Vores mål er at bidrage og medvirke til at skabe let tilgængelig adgang til grønne vedvarende og miljø venlige produkter og systemer.

Vores vision er at bygge netværk og relationer i Danmark og Asien og kombinere Dansk Knowhow, Dansk design, Dansk kvalitet, Dansk innovation, Dansk erfaring, Danske produkter med Asiatisk forskelighed, Asiatisk gå på mod, Asiatisk vedholdenhed og dermed bidrage til fælles forståelse.

Baggrunds information:
Esmap Services har base i Singapore og repræsenterer erfaring i Asien området siden 1999 med kunder og foretninger indenfor matriale håndtering, automatisering og logistik. Et click på CV fanebladet viser aktuel erfaring som omfatter samarbejde med små og store private virsomheder og regerings organer indenfor let og tung industri. Især, hvis transport og kommunikation opfattes som en stor udfordring i Asien så kan denne service være til nytte fordi fra Singapore er let og hurtig adgang til hele Asien området.
Vores erfaring ligger især indenfor forebyggende vedligehold og præventiv vedligehold.
Forebyggende vedligehold Forebyggende vedligehold Forebyggende vedligehold
Forebyggende vedligehold Forebyggende vedligehold Forebyggende vedligehold
Tøv ikke med at ringe eller sende emails for at få et tilbud på services. Priserne starter fra "gratis" for simpel aktivitet og derefter pålægges gebyr som er tilrettet aktivitets niveauet. Tilbudet vil indkludere variable omkostninger såsom transport og indkvartering etc. således at der hurtigt kan laves et budget.
I tilfælde af deltagelse i kontrakt forhandlinger, direkte salg eller indkøb så er det også muligt at formaliserer en aftale på en sag til sag eller tidsbestemt basis i form af en agent aftale.
Hvis det er nødvendig eller er fordelagtig med materiale til opgaverne f.eks. salgs presentation, produkt prøver, træning eller visit kort, så kan deres matriale medtages i et omfang og kvalitet hvor matrialet kan forholdsvis let medtages på rejser.

Sidste nyt

01 Oktober 2010:
Danish Street furniture produkter tilføjet til Esmap Services produkt sortiment.
Danish designed street furniture er møbler til anvendelse på åbne fælles arealer og designet af hovedsagligt danske designers.
Danish designmed funktion, valg af matrialer og håndværk med tanke på eksisterende miljø og gennemtænkt design skaber et æstetisk godt product.
Kvalitet drejer sig om at vælge de rigtige matrialer for at løse en given opgave. Vores kunder har store krav om kvalitet holdbarhed. Derfor skal også "de 3 v’er" - vejr, vind og vandalisme - tænkes ind i produktet fra processens begyndelse
Troværdighed er kernen i ethvert samarbejde. Derfor bestræber vi os på altid at overholde vore aftaler omkring leveringssikkerheden. Det vil sige det rigtige produkt, på det rigtige sted til den rigtige tid. Det er for os en naturlig forudsætning for, at processen bliver gennemført med succes.

21 September 2010:
Esmap Services besøger udstillingerne Automatik og Elektronik 10 i Danmark.
Møde med Automatik, Dynamometer, Rep af obsolete electroniske komponenter, Designed Street Furniture producenter.

16 September 2010:
Esmapservices undersøger mulighederne for danske automatik og elektronik firmaer for udvidelse af salg i Asien regionen og udvikler forretningsplan og strategier. De fælles interesse områder er hovedsagligt pakke systemer og håndtering af f.eks medicinal, møbel og elektronik komponenter.
Esmapservices møder danske virksomheder for at promoverer produkter fra Asien. Hovedsagligt elektronik komponenter til brug i automatik industri. Mange Asiatiske producenter ønsker at finde agenter og distributører i Danmark, Skandinavien og EU.
3 September 2010:
Fra 6 September til 24 September Esmap Services deltager i møder og messer i Danmark med formålet at bygge netværk og relationer i Danmark og Asien og kombinere Dansk Knowhow, Dansk design, Dansk kvalitet, Dansk innovation, Dansk erfaring, Danske produkter med Asiatisk forskelighed, Asiatisk gå på mod, Asiatisk vedholdenhed og dermed bidrage til fælles forståelse.
Turen inkludere et besøg på messen Automatik i Brøndby i København som er en udstilling der fokusere på automatik industrien og et besøg til Elektronik i Odense som er en udstilling der fokuserer på electronik produkter og elektronik industri.
Formålet er at søge efter en buket af spiller med interesse i at udvikle fjerne markeder og derved etablerer samarbejde imellem Danske og Asiatiske firmaer med ønske om at udvikle foretninger.
Preventive maintenance
Lars Skovsgaard
Salg & Support - Logistik & Automatik.
Direktør - Eksekutiv Service Manager Asia Pacific.

Esmap Services Pte. Ltd.
47 Tannery Lane
Singapore 347794

Phone: +65 68844002
Email: LSK@esmapservices.com.sg
Web : www.esmapservices.com.sg

By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
Authorised Universal-Robots Distributor.

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